Image to Text Converter

Quickly and accurately extract text from scanned documents, photos, handwritten notes, and screenshots by using this image to text converter to convert images into editable text.

How to Use Image to Text Converter Online?

Follow these three simple steps to extract the text from the picture.

  • Upload Images: Upload images or drag and drop, select from your computer, or paste them directly.
  • Start Conversion: Click "Submit". Our image to text converter will quickly process your images and provide the text in a digital format.
  • Download/Copy Options: In just seconds, save your converted text to a .txt file, download it, or copy it to your clipboard.

Why do you need an photo to text converter?

Extracting text from documents and images manually is hectic work that took a lot of time and manpower in the past. Now in this era, we have OCR technology which can help us to extract text from images and documents.

OCR technology can convert images to text, scanned documents, and photos; it can even convert handwriting to text. OCRs have been developed and trained over an extended period, and their efficiency has now reached nearly optimal levels.

Our online image to text converter is a free trained OCR that converts images and documents to text with 100% accuracy and takes no turnaround time. From JPG to PNG, TIF to WEBP, and beyond, you can convert image to text with ease.

For example, if you've scanned articles, papers, receipts, invoices, or other paperwork, they may be saved as images our tool will capture text easily. Similarly, if you take a screenshot of a page, it will usually result in a PNG or JPG image, and you can convert that into digital text with this image to text extractor online.


How does the Image to Text converter work?

When it comes to converting images to text, OCR still stands as groundbreaking technology that employs optimized algorithms. If I explain OCR in simpler words, it transforms an image into bitmap binary data, where algorithms meticulously examine the lighter and darker regions.
It identifies darker areas as text, further classifying and filtering them into predefined patterns to recognize characters. Subsequently, the data undergoes post-processing to refine its accuracy.

This process can be defined in three straightforward steps:

  • Preprocessing: Initial steps where the image is prepared for character recognition by enhancing and optimizing the data.
  • Character Recognition: The core phase where algorithms analyze and classify darker areas as characters, applying predefined patterns for recognition.
  • Postprocessing: The final stage involves refining and perfecting the recognized data to enhance overall accuracy and readability.

Key Features of Our Picture to Text Converter

Low-resolution image extractor:

Low-resolution image extractor:

Our image extractor tool is excellent at extracting text from blurry or low-resolution images with high accuracy, making it perfect for digitizing books, handwritten notes, and other printed materials.

Mathematical syntax detection:

Mathematical syntax detection:

With machine learning algorithms, our tool can detect mathematical syntax, ensuring that the converted text is accurate and free from errors.

Multi-language support:

Multi-language support:

Our image to text converter is a versatile solution for users worldwide as it can handle multiple languages, making it easy to extract text from images in various languages.

Extracts images in all formats:

Extracts images in all formats:

Our tool is useful and responsive for a range of applications because it can extract images in a number of formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and more.

Batch Processing:

Batch Processing:

It lets you upload and convert multiple images at one time. Free users can upload up to 5 images at once, ideal for quickly converting multiple text-filled pictures. This saves a significant amount of time and effort.

AI-Based Extraction:

AI-Based Extraction:

Our AI image to text converter extracts text from images, scanned documents, and handwritten notes with 100% accuracy by using Tesseract-OCR technology.

Fast Data Processing Speed:

Fast Data Processing Speed:

Our online image to text tool quickly processes images, saving time and enhancing productivity by handling bulk uploads and converting multiple documents without delays.

Data Security and Privacy:

Data Security and Privacy:

Our privacy policy and security are paramount, and we never store images or extracted text. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns.

Amplify productivity in everyday tasks in multiple ways

Image to text conversion, often facilitated a wide range of applications across various fields.

Document Digitization and Archiving

Scanning Books and Documents:

Converting printed books and documents into digital text for easier storage, searching, and editing.

Historical Document Preservation:

Digitizing old manuscripts and records to preserve them and make them accessible for future generations.

Data Entry Automation

Automating Data Extraction:

Converting printed or handwritten forms into digital text to automate data entry processes in industries like healthcare, banking, and logistics.

Invoice and Receipt Processing:

Extracting text from invoices and receipts for easier accounting and financial management.

Content Analysis and Research

Text Mining from Images:

Extracting text from images for analysis in fields like social media research, marketing, and journalism.

Research and Academia:

Converting printed research papers, articles, and notes into digital formats for easier reference and citation.

Translation Services

Translating Text in Images:

Converting text in images to digital format for translation into different languages, useful for travelers, researchers, and international businesses.

Legal and Compliance

Contract and Legal Document Management:

Digitizing contracts and legal documents to ensure compliance, easy retrieval, and management.

Personal Productivity

Note Taking:

Converting handwritten notes or whiteboard contents into digital text for easier organization and sharing.

Organization of Personal Documents:

Digitizing personal documents such as letters, recipes, and diaries for better organization.


Product Information Extraction:

Extracting product details such as product description, ingredient, price and etc from images for e-commerce listings and inventory management.

Security and Fraud Detection

Identity Verification:

Converting text from ID cards, passports, and other documents for verification purposes.

Marketing and Advertising

Content Creation:

Extracting text from images to repurpose content for marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Image to text converter?

An picture to Text Converter is an online OCR tool that can convert text in an image into text that can be read and edited.

What types of images can be converted into text?

An Image to text converter can convert most common image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF into digital text.